I'm 26. I live in Halifax, NS with my cat, Barnaby Quincy Jones, although I have a sneaking suspicion he is actually a dog trapped in a cat's body. I work in the music industry, both on and off stage, but mostly off these days.

Why a bucket list blog? I have about 4 different Tumblrs and I am hoping that doing something in a different format will maybe force me to do more than just reblog cat gifs and pictures of Debbie Harry. I'm still not entirely sure what this blog is supposed to be - I've started countless bucket lists that I always seem to forget about or lose, and always seem to start blogs that have no clear focus and then lose interest within a few weeks, so I'm hoping that putting the two together will be a winning combination to help motivate me to write more, and to do more of the things I always say I'll finally do one day.

But don't get me wrong if I come and go like fashion.

Some more fun facts about me:
  • I classify everything in top 5 lists and bullet point form. I can't credit Cracked or High Fidelity for either, but they certainly didn't help.
  • There is no reasonable explanation why, but I am a strong believer that pre-cut fruit simply tastes better.
  • French is my first language. I didn't learn to speak English until I was maybe 4 or 5. I am Acadian.
  • I was once told I was like a walking Andrew W.K. song. This was when I was 21. I am far less of a party machine now that I am the ripe old age of 26.
  • I was also once told that my life is similar to a bad 90s teen drama and/or a teen fiction novel. Like Perks if Charlie would have listened to less Smiths and more Ramones. 
  • I used to like to say that "I'm not a tweeter, I just blog a lot", but that is now completely false. While doing a Music Business degree my professor told me that I needed to have Twitter, and I caved in despite my constant objections. I am now an unstoppable tweeting machine and it is all his fault. Find me @NSLCpunk
  • I love bad puns and pop culture references. I will beat you in Trivial Pursuit any day, as long as I don't get any questions regarding politics, geography, science, math, sports, or anything that isn't about The Backstreet Boys or Empire Records.
  • I still read Questionable Content every morning.
  • I'm clever, but clever ain't wise.

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