Thursday, 26 January 2017

I'm Going to Make It Through This Year

It's late for a wrap up post, but things have been busy and I've had a hard time trying to sum up the past year. I feel like most years, I've had at least one or two major events that really stood out and marked that year; graduations, moving to a new city, first visit to Europe, cross-Canada & US road trip, finding love. While this year had a lot of good moments, it seemed like I've finally settled into a routine and tried to work on myself, mentally, health-wise, and work-wise, rather than try to focus all my energy on one specific event. I feel healthier and more confident in myself going into 2017; I spent time looking after myself and my health (I got some insoles to help with some foot issues, I started seeing a physiotherapist to work on some issues with my jaw and my shoulders/back, and working towards fixing my persistent allergy issues, among other things!) and feel a lot more confident than I have with work and am getting a lot better at not getting as stressed about the little things. Some of the high points of the year: Went to Montreal and Quebec City with my boyfriend for our one year anniversary and had a great time. We went to A CAT CAFE and hung out with SO MANY KITTENS. We also got to see Brand New (my third time!) I was in a Taylor Swift cover band and we played a show to over 500 people; definitely the biggest crowd I ever performed for! We did 2 sets of songs and had 3 costume changes, it was a blast. I finally went to Salem for Halloween; it wasn't quite what I was expecting, but we had a good time. Plus we found the wiggly bridge, which was awesome. I went on a road trip through New England and visited a few places I had never gone to before on previous trips - Burlington, Kennebunkport, Orono, and Portsmouth. Here's to another year of growing and improving!


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