Tuesday, 8 November 2016

I Put A Spell On You

This past Halloween I decided to skip the house parties and instead head down to Salem, MA for the weekend and finally cross off another item from my list!

I've been to Salem several times before (and one of those was this past August) so I was already pretty familiar with the town and what to see and do, and so was my friend, so we skipped a lot of the museums that we had already gone to but there were lots of really cool Halloween-specific activities happening that we were able to take advantage of!

The highlight was attending a screening of the 1922 silent film Nosferatu in an old church with a live organist. It was such a cool experience and one that I'd love to see more communities put on (they had also done a screening of Phantom of the Opera a few weeks prior that I wish we could've seen!)

The town is definitely overrun during the weekend - a busy street that usually takes a few minutes to walk down took us a good half hour or so due to the amount of people checking out different shops and the pop-up market, so if you're planning to go during Halloween weekend, make sure you're patience supply is full up!

Some of the highlights, other than the screening, included seeing everyone's awesome costumes, a free screening of Hocus Pocus in the town square, all the awesome pop-up shops, and Count Orlok's Nightmare Gallery wax museum that has some really cool classic monsters and for the weekend, Tony Moran - the face of Michael Myers in Halloween - was there for photos and autographs!

I've still yet to do a ghost tour in Salem despite visiting several times (this past summer it was POURING rain so we skipped it and this time around we filled up the nights with activities like the screening) so I'd love to go back a fifth time to do one of those - have you done one that you'd recommend?

If I go during Halloween again, I'll make sure to book way in advance (we had a hotel about 20-30 mins away and then left early the 2nd night to stay in Portland with my friend because of the cost & availability) so that we can stay downtown and also have a lot more money saved up to get to do more of the activities like ghost walks, magic shows, and masquerade balls!

Definitely one of the best Halloweens I've had!


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