Thursday, 29 October 2015


The word "m'lady" makes me cringe, although I realized that the exception is when it's used at Medieval Times.

A friend of mine has gone to Medieval Times about 6 times this year alone, and I had never gone but always wanted to (I think it had something to do with Goosebumps, oddly enough), so during my last trip to Toronto, I decided to fly in a day early to be able to go with my friend Stephanie. 

It was A BLAST. 

We sat in the Yellow Knight's section, which was lucky because he was by far the most energetic knight (and he also won, which was a bonus!)

The food was surprisingly delicious and I loved all the cheesiness of it. We even got to meet our winning knight at the end (he sort of ruined it by making a lame Tinder joke but it only mildly affected the experience.)

I would really love to go again; now that my friend's moving to LA, maybe she'll take me next time I'm in town.

Food was legit amazing

The chicken was a little creepy if only because it looked like a full chicken in the fetal position

Go Yellow Knight Go!

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