Tuesday, 8 September 2015

A Night At The Ballet

I used to be a dancer - mostly hip hop and jazz, but I dabbled in modern and ballet. I miss dance a lot and have always wanted to see a professional ballet (I'll go ahead and assume this stems mostly from my love of Center Stage as a pre-teen.)

Luckily, Ballet J├Ârgen teamed up with the Symphony to present Cinderella. Unluckily for me, it happened to be about 3 hours after my flight from Los Angeles landed.

I went to see the ballet, and I remember enjoying it, but my brain was in such a fog from the jet lag coupled with the Ativan and just overall trip exhaustion that I barely even remember being there.

They're coming back again this year to perform Sleeping Beauty with the Symphony, so maybe I'll try to catch them again then, in a less dazed state.

But I mean...technically it still counts, right?