Tuesday, 25 August 2015

The Best Day I Can Ever Remember

I've always really loved Dashboard Confessional, but like Brand New, it's something I know you needed to experience in a very specific time of your life and so I've never tried to get too many friends into them if they weren't already.

But I've always wanted to see Dashboard live. And I finally had a chance earlier this summer, despite some early setbacks. I originally bought a ticket to their show in Portland, ME but it got cancelled. Then Chris Carrabba's new band was supposed to open for Counting Crows (which I had free tickets to) but they cancelled. I felt like it just wasn't meant to be.

But then we got free passes to NXNE in Toronto for work, and I realized that Dashboard was playing earlier that week. So I got myself a ticket, booked my vacation, and was off to live out my teenage dream.

They played at Echo Beach, which meant an outdoor show which I'm not usually into, but this was beyond perfect. The set was great, Chris was the most excited musician I've ever seen perform. He just seemed so genuinely happy to be on stage playing for everyone and grateful for everyone singing along. Plus we were right in front and he came down into the crowd a bit which meant that he was about half a foot away from me and I may have cried a bit. They closed out with Hands Down, while the sun was setting over the Toronto skyline. It was the best moment.

With that, it meant that I could now cross off all 3 of my favourite bands from high school (Dashboard Confessional, Brand New, and The Used) on my Bands To See list.

Third Eye Blind played after, which was fine, I'm just not as familiar with their music. I was surprised at how many 19 year olds were at the show; I just assumed it'd be an older crowd. But the friends I went with were big 3EB fans and were really happy with the set.

During NXNE I also got to see Real Estate and Glass Animals who were both on my Live Show Bucket List so it was an overall great week for me music wise!