Wednesday, 24 June 2015


I had two major goals for 2015 - go to California so I could drink in LA at 26 and live out a dumb pop culture reference (thank you Bran Van) and pay off my credit cards. I figured there was no way I could do both so I'd need to pick one of the two.

Well, I'm only 26 for a short period of time, so guess which one I picked.

After working non-stop during our music festival, we closed the office down and had a week off work and so I flew to LA immediately.

I've been to LA twice before so I decided to focus on some cities on the outskirts - I went to San Simeon, Ojai, San Luis Obispo and Camarillo. This also gave me the chance to rent out a room at the Madonna Inn which has been a goal of mine since my fav beauty blog (Keiko Lynn!) went.

I also had the chance to drive through Big Sur - I should have taken more time, but maybe I'll save that for another trip.

I got to see The Cribs at the Roxy and had some cute drinks at a cute bar with my pal Kate after going to the Taylor Swift exhibit at the Grammy Museum.

It was the first time I felt like I was truly On Vacation. Stress free, no major itinerary, not trying to fit a bunch of sight seeing into a packed day; just lounging around by the ocean at sunset, strolling through cute little cities, and eating In N Out Burger. Perfect.

Overall, I definitely made the right decision in picking LA over getting rid of my debt...and it looks like things have worked themselves out because I'm on track for paying off my credit cards by the new year after all still!

Cute outdoor bookstore in Ojai

I got the Krazy Daisy room!

Bubble Gum Alley

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