Monday, 21 April 2014

And I'll Savour Every Moment of This

Technically this isn't on my list, but it's something I was really excited that I finally had the chance to do.

Some of my best friends and I made a somewhat impromptu trip to Boston last weekend to go see The Used and Taking Back Sunday. I've always really liked a few TBS songs but never got super into them. The Used; however, were one of my favourite bands in high school. I remember wanting so badly to travel to Toronto or Montreal to go see them when they were performing but my dad wouldn't let me because he thought I was too young to go see a concert on my own out of the city (even though he totally used to hitchhike to NYC and Boston as a kid to see shows!)

I had such an incredible time at the show, and I was delightfully surprised that The Used played almost exclusively songs from their first two albums (I more or less stopped following their newer stuff after their third album.) so it was amazing to be able to see them a decade later and be able to sing scream along to almost every song they played. Plus, singing along to some of Taking Back Sunday's hits were really fun (THESE GRASS STAINS ON MY KNEES THEY WON'T MEAN A THING!) I have to admit I even teared up a little bit during The Used (mostly during The Taste of Ink) because I couldn't believe I was finally seeing a band that had meant so much to me in high school.

My boyfriend is the type of guy who won't go see bands he really loves play live if they're mostly just playing old stuff because he doesn't want to pay for nostalgia, but I love it. I love being brought back and hearing songs that remind me of great (and not so great) moments.

As a segue to that, I totally bought tickets to see the Backstreet Boys in about 2 weeks.

Did you get to see your favourite band live? What's the best show you've ever been to?

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