Saturday, 29 March 2014

Under the Bridge

One thing to know about me is that I have severe panic attacks if I'm somewhere where I feel like I can't easily leave - airplanes, tunnels, bridges during heavy traffic, elevators in really tall buildings, etc. For a while, I couldn't drive over any bridges at all. So one of my goals was to drive through the world's longest covered bridge to get the double bridge/sort of tunnel effect.

This past weekend, a friend of mine and I went to Montreal to see Childish Gambino (and it was AMAZING) and we took a short detour to Hartland, New Brunswick, where the world's longest covered bridge is located.

It wasn't as long as I expected, but it was still really neat to drive through; and I did it without any anxiety! Success!

Our overall trip was great, too. My boss got us tickets to the Montreal Opera's production of Hansel & Gretel (which ended up being the first time I didn't hate operatic singing), finally made it to the Biodome, and got to visit some friends (plus a bit of shopping, of course!)

Our New York trip is only 4 months away. I can't wait! Katy Perry! Broadway! Coney Island!

Wednesday, 19 March 2014


This probably sounds very silly, but one of my life goals was to make a lasagna from scratch. I've never been much of a cook and I had heard that lasagna was difficult to make (I think maybe just because of how long it takes?), so I wanted to take this on.

During a very lazy weekend, my boyfriend and I decided to make lasagna. I have to say, it was a huge success and nowhere near as difficult as people led me to believe! Mostly, I was just annoyed at how long it took (I was hungry, damnit!), but I'd love to make this again soon. The great part was that we had enough leftovers for almost a week's worth of lunches - totally a plus in my book!

This is the recipe we followed. What meal should I tackle next? Share your favourite recipes in the comments!