Sunday, 22 December 2013

These Are a Few of My Favourite Things

Now, although this wasn't on my bucket list, I should mention that I decided to go on a relatively spontaneous trip to Belgium to ring in my 25th birthday. I don't really know why I picked Belgium, since it wasn't one of my "must go" travel destinations, but I'm really quite glad I went. I think maybe since I didn't have super high expectations, my trip ended up being full of great surprises and I rarely felt disappointed.

I had the chance to go on a chocolate tour and make my own chocolate, watch a master chocolatier do his thing, and taste sugarless chocolate as well as the most expensive chocolate in Brussels. 

I had Kriek (cherry beer) which is probably the only beer I'll ever enjoy, and then found a can of Duff in a convenience store, so I drank that, too. (One step closer to being a Simpsons character, finally.)

I went to an ice sculpture festival based on the new Disney movie - Frozen (which I made sure to watch a few days before leaving home) and it was beyond what I imagined. I may or may not have almost teared up because of how magical it was.

I made a side trip to Bruges for a day, where I met some new friends who sang happy birthday to me at the stroke of midnight while I took a shot of some sort of apple liquor and then took me out for birthday breakfast Belgian waffles in the morning. 

I spent my actual birthday at the opera. They performed Hamlet (although it'd be hard to tell, considering it was mostly shirtless dudes in leather pants with glitter on their faces or black leather pig masks.) Luckily I had mostly gone to see the inside of the gorgeous La Monnaie opera hall, so despite not enjoying the opera itself, I loved looking at the beautiful architecture.

On the flight home (which was terribly long thanks to the 4 hour layover in Paris followed by the 8 hour layover in Philadelphia), I had the chance to actually cross off a list item - I watched The Sound of Music for the first time! (#40 on the AFI list). 

Since I'm officially on Christmas vacation, I'm doing my best to cross off at least 3 more of the AFI movies from my list. We'll see how it goes.

Happy Holidays! 

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