Friday, 27 September 2013

In the Noble

One of the items that has been on my bucket list for a long time is visiting a secret bar. I'm talking going into a phone booth and saying the magic word and then bam! phone booth door turns and there's a bar behind it.

So imagine how excited I was when I found out a secret bar opened up in Halifax.

It's not quite the same deal as what I had pictured; you have to find a waitress at the ground-level restaurant and say a password, which changes each week, and then they lead you downstairs through a sort of maze of hallways until you're in The Noble. So not quite a phone booth fake out, but a fake out nonetheless.

A few of my friends and I decided to have a nice fancy night out, and when pretty much everywhere we had planned to go was a bust, we decided to try our luck at The Noble. We waited about 2 hours to get in (the Noble is quite small, you can maybe fit 20 people in there, so unless you're there quite early - which we weren't - you're going to have to wait), but luckily the regular bar has some tasty drinks and cozy sofas. We were told that there was finally some room downstairs, so we were led through the maze of hallways and finally the door opened, and there we were.

The space has an old-timey feel; walls of books, antique cash registers, piano in the corner, menus on planks of wood, it's a great atmosphere. We got to sit at the bar and watch the bartender work his magic. The head bartender recently won a national bartending competition (yeah, apparently that's a thing.), and watching him make drinks was amazing. There was fire involved, enough said. Drinks were delicious - and strong (and therefore expensive, but it took me about an hour to finish just the one so it's not like it's somewhere I'd go to get wasted).

We ended up being one of the last folks to leave, and you have to be escorted out by one of the waitresses or bartenders. Before we left, the head bartender asked if we wanted to see something cool. He pushed the wall of books away. There was a secret room inside their secret bar hidden behind a wall of books. So what if it was their storage room, that is still cool as hell.

So there! Hidden bar scratched off the list!

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