Monday, 24 June 2013

London Calling

I spent a little over 2 weeks in the UK and France recently and had the chance to cross off a few things on my bucket list while I was there - I'll go one item at a time, so here's the first: Going to London (and other spots in the UK).

I was really worried about flying because I get severe panic attacks on planes, but turns out that waking up at 5:30am the day of your 11:45PM flight really helps. Two Ativan and a melatonin didn't hurt, either. I was out like a light before we even left the ground and then woke up when we landed in London at 9am.

I loved the UK so much more than I expected to, and it only rained once (though it was pretty cold most of the time). I saw the Spice Girls musical (!!!), checked out the Tower of London, Westminster Abbey (a quick substitute after the Windsor Castle tour folks left without me, wahhhh), Shakespeare's Globe (where I got to see them rehearse A Midsummer Night's Dream!), British Museum (had some serious geek outs there), etc.

Almost all my pictures are selfies - this is the downside of traveling alone

Being a super tourist

I got to see Parquet Courts do an in-store at a record shop in Shoreditch and had the most hipster experience of my life when I went to see Bleached in an unlabelled bar in a back alley in Elephant & Castle and hung out with 3 British hipsters (a guy who worked in the music industry, a theatre actress, and a dude who kept talking about going to film screenings since his wife was a film critic.)

I also ended up going to Cardiff (which I loved and wished I could have spent more time in), Bath (gorgeous), Stonehenge, and Lacock.

Roman Baths

Some stones or whatever

Overall, I had an amazing time. And I got to see a friend of mine I hadn't seen in several years! I was surprised at how cheap a lot of the food was (especially compared to France), but I wish I had had more time/money to just shop, although I guess I got some cool things in Camden. I finally learned to like tea, and I learned what good public transportation is like.

Thanks for the great times, London! I will see you again some day.

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