Sunday, 28 April 2013

Anarchy in the UK

Welp, I finally did it! I booked a flight to London for 3 weeks from now. I'll be going to London, Cardiff, and Bath and then heading over to France for a bit to go to Paris and Dijon.

Do you have any recommendations of what to see and do in any of these places? I'll be going alone so I'll have quite a bit of flexibility; I'm mostly hoping to get some ideas of where to eat, stay, and shop since I already have a good idea of what attractions/sites I want to go to.

I'm a mix of emotions right now, between giddily excited and completely anxious and panicky, but I'm hoping the Ativan will help for the flight and the rest of the panicking will be the manageable kind.

But still, I'm finally going! I'll likely cross off a few of my bucket list items with this trip alone (London, Paris, Doctor Who Experience, See a Lichtenstein exhibit [There's one at the Tate Modern when I'll be going!]) and I cannot wait!

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