Thursday, 10 January 2013

Let Us Be Elegant or Die!

I finally finished reading Little Women over the Christmas break. I say finally because I was supposed to have read it for my History of Children's Literature class 2 semesters ago. Despite not reading the last 12 chapters or so, I still did pretty well on the exam, so I guess it didn't matter much that I hadn't actually read the book. I do find it slightly funny that the only book I've ever not read in its entirety for a class ended up being a children's book.

I don't know if it's because I am an adult and should have read this as a child, or because I couldn't help but roll my eyes at how dated the concept of women's roles in this book are, but I didn't enjoy it. I realize that it's a classic and that little girls everywhere read this book and it remains a lifelong favourite, but I just couldn't get into it. 

I need something more to reel me in than a story about girls whose biggest issues in life are dressing well for the party, having the best table at the fair, and making sure that they remember to dress up for their husbands after taking care of their twins all day while he's off hanging out with the neighbour-lady (because clearly it's your fault that he's hanging out with her in the first place, surely you should still make sure to look your best after taking care of two small children all day and cleaning and cooking while he doesn't help whatsoever at all, etc.). Oh, sure, a sister dies, but I felt absolutely no attachment to the character so I really didn't care much. 

It's also one of the first times I've ever read a decent-sized book solely on my computer rather than as a physical book, and I have to say I really didn't enjoy it. This probably explains why I don't own a e-reader or kindle or what have you. 

Anyway, so it's over. I can cross that one off from the list of 100 novels BBC thinks I should read, and good riddance. I'll probably still watch the movie with Kirsten Dunst, though, because my love for Kirsten runs deep.

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