Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Flashback 002

I always have this idea in my mind that I'll take a road trip where I stop at some unplanned road side attraction and it never really happens. That being said, I always assume that these unplanned stops will involve excessively large statues of unimportant things, so I've always wanted to take my picture with something that's on the "World's Largest" list.

Luckily, on my first go around through Canada and the States, I kind of hit the jackpot - I saw the World's Largest Thermometer (Barker, California), the World's Largest Nickel (Sudbury, Ontario), and the World's Largest Cowboy Boot* in Edmonton, Alberta.

Edmonton was kind of a bust overall - I had planned to spend 4 days there but just wasn't feeling it, so I decided to leave early and go to Banff and Jasper instead (very very good decisions). But, one of the good things about my time in Edmonton was spending a bit of time with my friend Doug who was able to take a few hours to bring me on a drive across the city and show me some highlights. He drove me to the cowboy boots and took a picture of me with them! Bucket list item achieved!

Doug also left me with 3 great CDs he made me for the trip. One of them was a fantastic road trip CD that opened up with The Day We Hit the Coast by Thrush Hermit. I listened to that a lot when I ended up in Lake Louise the next day. It was pretty fitting, see for yourself.

The following year, the first stop we made before starting our month-long trek across the States was to Nackawic, New Brunswick to see the World's Largest Axe. Another great photo op!

Posing for pictures with disproportionately large things is hilarious. You should try it some time! Sure, it's cheesy, but if I've learned anything, is that you shouldn't sacrifice a good time and great memory because you're scared to look like too much of a tourist.

*Apparently the boots in Edmonton are actually a foot shorter than the ones in San Antonio. That being said, they seem to get around this by calling it the World's Largest Western Boots while SA calls them Cowboy boots. Either way, it was huge.

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