Monday, 1 October 2012

Park Life

I've been living in Halifax for about five years, and lived in the south end for the first 2, but for some reason I had never walked through Point Pleasant Park. I've heard how great it is ever since I moved here, but still had never been despite it being on my "Summer To-Do" lists for the past few years.

So today, when I finished my midterm about an hour ahead of schedule, I decided to take a stroll through the park before my next class.

I decided to throw caution to the wind and ignore the map and go wherever my feet would take me. Considering there are only a few different paths, though, that meant I mostly just went in a circle. But it was a very pretty circle.

And I did find this place a little bit off the beaten path
I listened to Doctor Ew's "Gadzooks!" during the walk, which was basically the most perfect music for this ever. If you haven't listened to Doctor Ew yet, you really should. I first discovered him when he played the Long Live the Queen Festival last year and stayed at my place for a few nights along with some of the kids from Hooded Fang. I fell in love with his music immediately when he played Gus' and had the entire bar swaying back and forth, arm in arm, I knew it would take a spot in my top favourites. Perfect for road trips (and walks in the park, apparently!), go on, go listen to it now, I can wait. (Sidenote: Gadzooks! is not only a perfect album, but the cover and CD design are brilliant)

It was really a perfect break between classes and a a good way to wind down after all that midterm anxiety. I wish I had been for a walk in the park before this, and can only assume it's completely gorgeous when the leaves are turning, so I'll try to go again in a few weeks to see that.

Seriously - picture this all orange and brown - so pretty.

So there you have it! I found out it really is as nice as they say, and I have another thing to cross off the list! While I've got your attention, here's one of my favourite Doctor Ew songs, "Let's Make It Legitimate". I mostly listened to this one on repeat during the walk - I was in that kind of mood. Go get the album here!

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