Monday, 15 October 2012

Orchestra for the Moon

I never really imagined working for a classical music organization, but here I am. I replied to an ad online for a summer internship as a marketing intern for the local symphony, and it lead to them offering me a 10-month contract in the development department. I'd be lying if I said that I had any kind of background in classical music, but I've been learning as I go, and was really excited to finally see a live symphony performance.

Last weekend was our season opener, Haydn's Creation.

My main concern was completely superficial and was mostly just me panicking about what to wear since it was an afternoon performance (so I couldn't be TOO dressy) and I was working so it ruled out pretty much every single dress I own (they are all either too short or have way too much cleavage or they're super fancy or super casual) and made me panic about looking professional but not too overdressed so as to not make the folks who show up in jeans and t-shirts uncomfortable. I ended up opting for one of my black dresses and wearing a tank top underneath along with a scarf and very opaque black tights. Good enough.

These weren't my seats and the Maestro and the soloists
 aren't there yet, but you get the idea
If you're not familiar with Haydn's Creation, it's a huge piece with full choir essentially detailing the Creation myth. The orchestra sounded amazing, and all the soloists were great (the tenor especially had an amazing tone) but I kind of wish it had been just the orchestra, mostly just because it was my first ever live performance and I would have enjoyed listening to just the music, rather than inevitably listening to the singers and trying to understand what they were saying. Over all I totally loved it, though, and am really looking forward to the next one I get to attend!

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