Wednesday, 10 October 2012


It was Thanksgiving weekend here in Canada and I took the extra lounging time to go to a corn maze with a friend of mine for the first time ever! We went to the Riverbreeze corn maze in Truro. It's known for having a really amazing and scary haunted maze, but since I had never been in a maze at all before, I wanted to go during the daytime so I could see everything.

I was expecting it to just be a simple maze, so it was pretty
damn neat to realize it had all these awesome designs!
I was expecting it to just be a simple maze and we'd just walk around for a half hour or so, but they had a sort of Clue-like game that you could play that was super awesome so we actually ended up spending about 2 1/2 hours in the maze. It was cute to walk by families and having all the kids tell us how we should follow their dad because their dad is the best ever and totally knows where he's going 'cause he's basically Superman. I don't even really like kids all that much normally, but man, I have to admit that was pretty adorable.

They also had a ton of fun little "cornundrums" that made me giggle

Basically you received a little flyer that had 7 locations, 7 weapons, and 7 farm animals, and there were 6 different stations in the maze that featured one of each in a drawing. When you got to a station, there was a hole punch and you would mark the weapon, location, and farm animal in the drawing, and the 3 that were left over at the very end was your whodunit. It was super fun! We found the first 5 pretty easily but we probably spent about an hour trying to find the last one. 

Trying to find the damn 6th station
There was a bunch of other cool stuff, like a pumpkin u-pick (we didn't have time to go, though, unfortunately), and a petting zoo, some swings, a giant bouncy pillow thing, etc. They also had deep fried oreos which I had been craving since having some at the Jersey Shore and at a Memphis county fair last year (they weren't as good, but still pretty great). Overall, super amazing time. 

Swings are the best

Looking forward to maybe trying out the haunted maze next year (if I'm brave enough).

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