Friday, 26 October 2012

It's an Artificial Nocturne

I've hardly been home for the last few weeks so I haven't had much time to write on here, or even cross things off the list. Between Halifax Pop Explosion, working some shows for Sonic Concerts, regular work, and school work, there wasn't much time left for interneting.

I did have time to check out Nocturne: Art at Night for the first time, though. This wasn't on my bucket list, and I'm not really sure why it wasn't because I've always wanted to check it out, but since I have nothing else to update on, here's my Nocturne post.

For the last 5 years, there's been a free art event that happens one evening in mid-October. I've always wanted to go but was always either out of town or playing a show or otherwise unable to attend, so this year was the year!

It was pretty cold but the first place we stopped, Biscuit, had some free hot apple cider for everyone, so it helped us warm up for a bit. They were doing one-nail nailpolish designs, but it was so jam packed we just grabbed the cider and went to check out some other stuff instead. I was actually really surprised to see that many people downtown that night. It was a nice change from it being kind of dead most of the time...or littered with drunk university students who think it's totally okay to jump in front of cars. Either way, it was nice to see.

There were bands playing all night in the middle of downtown (I can only assume it must have been hard to play with their fingers frozen) which was pretty neat, even though we didn't stop very long to check them out.

My favourite exhibit was at Argyle Fine Art where they had robots!

And they were adorable

There were props and we were not afraid to use them

Another favourite was being able to do my own letterpress at Inkwell. It was a message from old posters that appeared after the Halifax Explosion. I need to get a frame for it soon.

Still relevant

I'm glad I finally got to go out and experience Nocturne. Still kind of wish it was in mid-September rather than mid-October, but what can ya do. At least it's not mid-December, right? A huge thanks and congrats to everyone involved for putting together such a fun night of free art. Here's to another 5 years!

Monday, 15 October 2012

Orchestra for the Moon

I never really imagined working for a classical music organization, but here I am. I replied to an ad online for a summer internship as a marketing intern for the local symphony, and it lead to them offering me a 10-month contract in the development department. I'd be lying if I said that I had any kind of background in classical music, but I've been learning as I go, and was really excited to finally see a live symphony performance.

Last weekend was our season opener, Haydn's Creation.

My main concern was completely superficial and was mostly just me panicking about what to wear since it was an afternoon performance (so I couldn't be TOO dressy) and I was working so it ruled out pretty much every single dress I own (they are all either too short or have way too much cleavage or they're super fancy or super casual) and made me panic about looking professional but not too overdressed so as to not make the folks who show up in jeans and t-shirts uncomfortable. I ended up opting for one of my black dresses and wearing a tank top underneath along with a scarf and very opaque black tights. Good enough.

These weren't my seats and the Maestro and the soloists
 aren't there yet, but you get the idea
If you're not familiar with Haydn's Creation, it's a huge piece with full choir essentially detailing the Creation myth. The orchestra sounded amazing, and all the soloists were great (the tenor especially had an amazing tone) but I kind of wish it had been just the orchestra, mostly just because it was my first ever live performance and I would have enjoyed listening to just the music, rather than inevitably listening to the singers and trying to understand what they were saying. Over all I totally loved it, though, and am really looking forward to the next one I get to attend!

Wednesday, 10 October 2012


It was Thanksgiving weekend here in Canada and I took the extra lounging time to go to a corn maze with a friend of mine for the first time ever! We went to the Riverbreeze corn maze in Truro. It's known for having a really amazing and scary haunted maze, but since I had never been in a maze at all before, I wanted to go during the daytime so I could see everything.

I was expecting it to just be a simple maze, so it was pretty
damn neat to realize it had all these awesome designs!
I was expecting it to just be a simple maze and we'd just walk around for a half hour or so, but they had a sort of Clue-like game that you could play that was super awesome so we actually ended up spending about 2 1/2 hours in the maze. It was cute to walk by families and having all the kids tell us how we should follow their dad because their dad is the best ever and totally knows where he's going 'cause he's basically Superman. I don't even really like kids all that much normally, but man, I have to admit that was pretty adorable.

They also had a ton of fun little "cornundrums" that made me giggle

Basically you received a little flyer that had 7 locations, 7 weapons, and 7 farm animals, and there were 6 different stations in the maze that featured one of each in a drawing. When you got to a station, there was a hole punch and you would mark the weapon, location, and farm animal in the drawing, and the 3 that were left over at the very end was your whodunit. It was super fun! We found the first 5 pretty easily but we probably spent about an hour trying to find the last one. 

Trying to find the damn 6th station
There was a bunch of other cool stuff, like a pumpkin u-pick (we didn't have time to go, though, unfortunately), and a petting zoo, some swings, a giant bouncy pillow thing, etc. They also had deep fried oreos which I had been craving since having some at the Jersey Shore and at a Memphis county fair last year (they weren't as good, but still pretty great). Overall, super amazing time. 

Swings are the best

Looking forward to maybe trying out the haunted maze next year (if I'm brave enough).

Monday, 1 October 2012

Park Life

I've been living in Halifax for about five years, and lived in the south end for the first 2, but for some reason I had never walked through Point Pleasant Park. I've heard how great it is ever since I moved here, but still had never been despite it being on my "Summer To-Do" lists for the past few years.

So today, when I finished my midterm about an hour ahead of schedule, I decided to take a stroll through the park before my next class.

I decided to throw caution to the wind and ignore the map and go wherever my feet would take me. Considering there are only a few different paths, though, that meant I mostly just went in a circle. But it was a very pretty circle.

And I did find this place a little bit off the beaten path
I listened to Doctor Ew's "Gadzooks!" during the walk, which was basically the most perfect music for this ever. If you haven't listened to Doctor Ew yet, you really should. I first discovered him when he played the Long Live the Queen Festival last year and stayed at my place for a few nights along with some of the kids from Hooded Fang. I fell in love with his music immediately when he played Gus' and had the entire bar swaying back and forth, arm in arm, I knew it would take a spot in my top favourites. Perfect for road trips (and walks in the park, apparently!), go on, go listen to it now, I can wait. (Sidenote: Gadzooks! is not only a perfect album, but the cover and CD design are brilliant)

It was really a perfect break between classes and a a good way to wind down after all that midterm anxiety. I wish I had been for a walk in the park before this, and can only assume it's completely gorgeous when the leaves are turning, so I'll try to go again in a few weeks to see that.

Seriously - picture this all orange and brown - so pretty.

So there you have it! I found out it really is as nice as they say, and I have another thing to cross off the list! While I've got your attention, here's one of my favourite Doctor Ew songs, "Let's Make It Legitimate". I mostly listened to this one on repeat during the walk - I was in that kind of mood. Go get the album here!