Monday, 10 September 2012

School Spirit

Today was my first full day of classes. What did I learn?

  • I should have picked my classes sooner
  • Taking 4th year classes in your last year is only a good idea if you actually have any desire to still be there rather than just forcing yourself to finish because writing a bunch of 12 page papers and reading one novel a week is not something you want if your mindset is just to "get in, get out, get it over with"
  • My motivation is at an all-time low

I was hoping that, knowing I was so close to finally graduating, I would be more motivated to get it all done and over with this year. Unfortunately, I ended up picking my classes rather late in the year (except the one required class I knew I needed to graduate) and was kind of just stuck with what was left that fit with my work schedule. I already dropped one of the classes and am considering dropping a second.

I thought some of the classes I had would be interesting, but the professors are either very new and therefore very nervous, or very monotone, so I don't think they'll end up being very engaging or interesting in the end, which is disappointing.

Knowing that I'm working in the industry I want to be working in without a degree and knowing I could probably doing more if I didn't have to bother with being in university is going to be tough to feel like it's actually important and valuable to finish this year.

If anyone has any tips and tricks on how to stay motivated in school when your heart isn't in it, please let me know, because I'm going to need all the help I can get to cross Getting my BA off this list.

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