Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Let's All Go to the Movies

We're finally to the third item I had the chance to scratch off the other week!

So I learned to love going to the restaurant by myself, but for some reason I always held off going to see a movie by myself. I'm not really sure why, to be quite honest, especially since you don't really socialize while at the movies what with the talking-at-the-movies-is-super-rude thing. Alas, I had always felt a bit of anxiety going to see a movie on my own.

So on the drive home from Fredericton after the Avett Brothers concert I felt like I should try to scratch off one more thing from the list with the extra few hours before having to drive back home. I realized Paranorman was playing early in the afternoon, so I gathered up my courage and headed to the theatre.

Actual photo*
*Not actual photo
Now, when I meant to "See a movie in a theatre by myself" I meant as in I would go there by myself and watch it in a crowd, but being that it was a Sunday afternoon with a movie that had already been playing for a few weeks, I was actually the only person in the theatre for the first little bit of the trailers. I think there ended up being about 8 people at the end.

The movie was really great. Funny, witty, interesting, and with heart. All the good things you need in a nice heartwarming kids film. You should see it if you have the chance!

As for me, I quite enjoyed the experience of seeing the film on my own. I don't know if it would be much different in a more packed theatre, but I think I'll be going to see more movies on my own from now own!

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