Friday, 31 August 2012

The First One is Free

I always tell myself I'll start new things on the first - I'll start exercising, I'll start stretching in the morning, I'll start making more meals instead of eating out/getting take out, I'll stop spending so much time on the internet - but I never do. So I told myself that on the first of September (which I always see as more of a fresh start than New Year's because of my association with the start of school) I figured I would start a new blog, detailing my experiences trying to accomplish all the things I said I would on each first that would come and go.

I often feel at my happiest when I'm travelling, and it's probably because I'm actually out doing things, exploring, and having new adventures rather than just staying at home on my computer. And there's no reason I can't have adventures when I'm not in a different city every few days.

So here goes nothing.